Our work on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

EKJ's business idea and values are based on the belief that the most valuable and sustainable solutions exist. We just need to stand together and dare to tread the new paths of the future.

As an advisor, we want to contribute to the timely integration of social, economic and environmental sustainability into construction projects. We know that this is crucial for the quality and sustainability of the overall project.

It is our ambition that the advice given to all projects includes a contribution to solving the environmental and social challenges set by The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This work is of course done in close dialogue with the client and other parties, and the responsibility falls on all of us. It is an ongoing process where together we must become even better at making green choices so that words are backed up by concrete actions. The work is underway and we look forward to taking it even further.

2020 - SDG 1