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The EKJ Teknik business area covers specialist groups such as electricity, plumbing, ventilation, drainage and building automation. EKJ Teknik carries out projects that require a high degree of technical specialisation within each discipline and at the same time a multidisciplinary mindset, so that our various disciplines are united in the best possible way in the projects.

A good example of interdisciplinary advice is Chemical engineering in DTU's buildings 228 and 229, where EKJ has been the design manager for structures, plumbing, electrical and fire protection. The project required upgrading and, not least, legalisation of all installations, as well as working on the working environment and safety in experimental halls, laboratories and workshops. The aim was to significantly improve the working environment for users. All conditions involving the storage of gases and ATEX classifications had to be updated to the current regulatory requirements. Read also about the successful project 'Building 116'.

Certifications and life cycle assessments

In addition, EKJ has advised on guideways and castings in special assembly-friendly element solutions, as well as the examination of existing buildings for minimisation of energy consumption and lifetime regulations. We actively work with building certifications such as DGNB, where we work together with both architects and executing contractors to create the most optimal building possible. One example is DTU Skylab, which has been awarded both Gold and Diamond. Another example is our green belt in the Tivoli Congress Centre and the car park at the Tivoli Hotel. Today the hotel is Green Key certified, including all windows with three-layer energy glazing with solar shading effect in all rooms to reduce the need for heating and cooling. The cooling power is provided by surplus electricity production, as the building is connected to the district cooling plant at Kgs. Nytorv.

We help to make life cycle assessments (LCA) and urban certifications for urban development projects. We are also involved in a renovation project at Risø Campus, where we are testing the voluntary sustainability class as part of the development of a national strategy for sustainable construction. With the increasing attention on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, we know that qualified advice in this area will be needed in the years to come.


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