It is important for EKJ to make a difference in the world.

Here you can see the organisations and fundraisers that EKJ supports on a regular basis.

Red Cross

For more than 150 years, the Red Cross has built on the same idea - to help people in need regardless of nationality, ethnicity or religion. These are values that we support, which is why we have been a permanent corporate member for a number of years. In 2022, we chose to make an extraordinary grant due to the urgent and tragic situation in Ukraine.

The Danish Collection

In EKJ, we have a tradition of supporting the Denmark collection. In 2022, we were able to send no less than DKK 126,000 to the "Children of Corona" - thanks in part to the EKJ Foundation and our own fundraising. We are proud to help make the SDGs a concrete reality in some of the world's most vulnerable areas.

Danish hospital clowns

A safe hand to hold. Every year, around 75,000 children are admitted to Danish hospitals. For many it is a short visit, others a longer period. And for some children, illness is a way of life. When a child is ill, it is often the illness and the treatment that set the limits on what the child can and cannot do. Play and immediacy can be pushed into the background by seriousness, unpleasant experiences and difficult emotions. We are proud to have contributed to the Danish Hospital Clowns over a number of years.

Engineers Without Borders

One of our newer sweethearts is Engineers Without Borders (IUG), a technical-humanitarian organisation of volunteers and committed members with technical skills. IUG works with local and international aid organisations to help those in need in poor countries, ensuring local ownership and creating basic survival skills that help build a better future for people affected by disasters and poverty. Engineers Without Borders was established in Denmark in 2001 and is part of Engineers Without Borders International. This allows a strong international team to be put in place when we are needed. We are proud to be a member and follow the projects with interest.

The zoo

EKJ has supported the Copenhagen Zoo for a number of years. In addition to supporting the zoo's work with endangered animals and offering our staff participation in various events for the whole family, we support the prairie dogs, which are known for their skills in digging tunnels.