EKJ's privacy policy

Privacy policy - customers and partners

Below is a description of how we handle your personal data. We process your personal data in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Data Protection Regulation.

Information about the controller

Company: EKJ Consulting Engineers AS
CVR number: 83175419
Telephone: 33 11 14 14
Address: Blegdamsvej 58, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Use of personal data
Your data is collected and processed as part of the customer relationship and/or by virtue of our cooperation.

Types of personal data

We process ordinary personal data such as:

  • CVR number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact data
  • Ownership
  • Account number

Treatment basis
We process your data on the basis of the following:

  • Fulfilment of contract, cooperation agreement, etc.
  • Compliance with applicable legislation
  • Sufficient legitimate interest/legal justification
  • Consent
  • Necessity for performance of contract

Retention of personal data

We keep all data collected secure and confidential. Information will be stored electronically and/or physically. Only persons with a legitimate reason will have access to information.

Upon termination of the customer/collaboration relationship, we will decide which information we will continue to retain and which we will delete. As a general rule, we will keep all data for five years after termination of the cooperation until the end of the applicable year, when it will be automatically deleted. This will always be the case unless otherwise agreed or there is a legal right to keep data longer.

How we collect personal data about you:

  • Direct from you
  • Public authorities

Disclosure of your personal data
We may disclose your information to third parties who assist us in managing operations. In no event will we disclose your information to anyone without a data processing agreement and evidence of compliance with the GDPR. If public authorities request personal data about you, this will be provided if we are obliged to do so.

You may at any time request the right of access to your personal data and the deletion or rectification of any inaccurate data.
You also have the right to object to further processing of your data if you so wish.
If you have given consent, this can be withdrawn at any time and all processing will stop from the time we receive your objection. Processing of personal data carried out before withdrawal of consent will still be lawfully carried out.
If you wish to exercise the above rights, please contact us by e-mail:, by telephone: 33 11 14 14 or by direct contact.

If you wish to complain about our handling of your personal data, you can contact the Danish Data Protection Agency.