Distribution policy

The law on commercial foundations requires the fund board to make distributions in accordance with Article 78 of the law for the purposes laid down in the statutes. Under Section 77b of the Annual Accounts Act, foundations covered by the Act on commercial foundations - as is the case for the EKJ Foundation - must draw up a statement of the foundation's distribution policy. For the time being, the EKJ Foundation will include the statement in the annual accounts under the management report.

According to the statutes of the EKJ Foundation, it is, among other things. the purpose of the Fund is 'to secure and support the financial basis of the engineering activities carried on by EKJ Consulting Engineers AS, including making investments for the consolidation and expansion of the company's activities', 'to provide support to persons who are or have been associated with the engineering activities carried on by EKJ Consulting Engineers AS', but not to the founders, their spouses or their children,' and the Foundation shall 'act to safeguard the future of EKJ Rådgivende Ingeniører AS, including helping to ensure that the company is at all times properly managed, and shall contribute to the welfare and reputation of the company in the best possible way."

The manner and extent to which these purposes are to be served shall be determined by the Board of the Fund.

Main categories of distributions

Grants awarded during the year can be divided into the following main categories:

1. Support for specific forward-looking initiatives for the ECJ

Support for the future of EKJ, for example in the form of contributions to activities adopted by the management of the engineering company to promote and develop EKJ's activities, capacities and competences, etc., as well as the company's reputation and the dissemination of knowledge about the company, etc.

2. Support for employees (past and present)

Distributions linked to persons, including employees, linked to EKJ, for example for higher education in the interest of EKJ, welfare measures, for example in case of accident or illness or other problems of employees of EKJ or other support, for example in sports activity.

3. PR for EKJ

Dividends linked to the engineering company EKJ rådgivende ingeniører AS (EKJ). These distributions are typically to support special or extraordinary events, including corporate events and related activities, or to support the marketing (expansion) of EKJ, including the external promotion of the engineering firm, and to support EKJ's reputation, both professionally and otherwise, also internally within the firm.

4. Other awards requested by EKJ

Other donations to promote and support the business, activities and foundations of the EKJ. Distributions may fall into several of the above main categories. These main categories may be amended, reduced or extended as decided by the Board of the Fund within the limits of the Statute. The amount of distributions to each main category shall be disclosed for each financial year.

Other conditions

Distributions for the year shall be shown in the financial statements as a distribution to profit or loss in the profit and loss account.

A list (legatee list) of recipients of distributions from the Fund is drawn up annually and submitted to the Danish Business Authority. The Board decides whether the list of legatees is submitted as a separate document.

According to the Foundation's rules of procedure, the Chairman of the Board may, at his discretion, decide to award a donation of up to DKK 25,000 per application and total donations of up to DKK 100,000. The Chairman shall report on the donations awarded at the next meeting of the Board.

This statement may be amended by the Board of Directors by a simple majority vote of the Board.

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