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Who are we?


1961. Erik K. Jørgensen was founded

EKJ is a consulting engineering company with strong core values. Quality through commitment are the words we have worked by since the company was founded in 1961 by Erik K. Jørgensen.

In 2021, we turned 60 and released our first podcast. Listen in and join us on our journey through time here


1978. EKJ became a limited company

In 1978, EKJ had a size and character that made it natural to transform the company into a limited company. The EKJ FONDEN was established in 1984 to confirm a generational change. This also made it possible to spread ownership of the company among managers and employees. Today, EKJ employees own more than 40 percent of the company. The remainder is owned by the EKJ FONDEN.



EKJ has developed into a modern company with a flat structure and short decision-making paths. We act as impartial advisors, independent of production and ownership interests, and are known for our commitment to quality.

Our professional pride and our commitment are the foundation of our daily life and of the tasks we solve. We always work in teams across departments, drawing on each other's professional knowledge and experience to get the job done. We have enshrined these values in our slogan: Quality through Commitment.

In EKJ we have many knowledge-intensive advisory tasks in many sectors. We therefore often face major challenges that provide us with continuous learning and help to expand our competences.

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