Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA statements and environmental assessments

We help our clients develop construction projects that have the least possible impact on the environment.

When new construction projects are launched, they cannot avoid affecting the environment. The purpose of an environmental assessment is therefore to ensure that the option with the least possible impact on the environment is chosen.

Before any major construction project is launched, an analysis must be made of the impact of the project on the surrounding environment and what can be done to minimise or avert the negative effects.

At EKJ, we have many years of experience in carrying out this type of environmental assessment. We can therefore advise our clients throughout the process and coordinate with the public authorities to ensure that the project is managed efficiently and safely.

This is true for smaller projects such as a parking garage, a small solar plant or a rainwater harvesting system, which only require an environmental screening. And for major infrastructure, local plan and urban development projects, which require a more comprehensive environmental assessment, including feasibility studies, field mapping, impact assessments and public meetings.

Identifies the best options

Our focus is to create a good and smooth process for our customers and to ensure that we explore the various alternatives in search of a solution that reduces the negative effects on the environment.

The project proposal is typically developed in parallel with the environmental assessment, so that we can improve the project environmentally as we learn more.

The environmental assessment includes, among other things, a study of how the project will affect nature, biodiversity, groundwater, climate and cultural heritage, as well as the extent to which the project pollutes, noises and creates air pollution and shadow rain.

In short, an environmental assessment contributes to informed and environmentally better decisions. Public meetings and consultations are also an essential part of the process before the project is finalised and sent for political consideration.

A good and informed process can also help to prevent complaints about projects and thus ensure that long processing times at the Environmental Complaints Board - and thus project delays - are avoided.

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