At EKJ we offer advice on all types of ventilation. The indoor climate is becoming increasingly important, and this places more and new demands on, among other things, ventilation in buildings. Our experience is broad, ranging from advice, design and assessment to technical construction management and supervision. Our advice is based on a holistic understanding of buildings with a focus on sustainability.

Our experience with ventilation goes back a long way, and we have expertise in all types in the field. The projects we advise on range from residential and commercial buildings to educational institutions, laboratories and hospitals. See our work for DTU Skylab (photo below) here.


In addition, we are also hired for specialized tasks and larger projects. These assignments are exciting as they develop and test our creativity and ingenuity. This enhances our advice and ability to navigate complex projects, and we become more skilled with each new assignment we receive. This could be in the hospital and laboratory sectors, for example.

These types of projects are often complex because the process of our work has different requirements than usual. These projects often require users to be able to access the buildings while our work is ongoing. Therefore, in addition to ventilation and installing temporary ventilation systems, we need to ensure that the building's function is not lost during the work, as well as having to relocate various functions during construction.

On many projects we work interdisciplinarily within ECJ, but also with other disciplines. We know that it is not only the functionality that is important, but also the architectural expression. In addition, we create projects that take into account the environment, energy efficiency and a good indoor climate.

Services - special installations

  • Laboratory Ventilation
  • Cleanroom ventilation
  • Hospital ventilation
  • Animal house ventilation

Services - basic installations

  • Hybrid ventilation
  • Comfort ventilation


Jon Gjørlund

Group Leader, Plumbing Department
Tel: (+45) 23 36 71 24


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