EKJ offers advice on the renovation of existing buildings and their transformation into new uses. Transformation has always been an integral part of our consultancy. Our various services are offered for large and small, special and complex projects, and therefore every solution is tailored to the task. This is to meet each client's wishes and needs.

EKJ has many years of experience in transforming and updating the older housing stock. This is a process that must be carried out with care and consideration and in good cooperation with architects, among others, and which typically also takes sustainability aspects into account, as it is generally better for the environment to transform a building than to demolish and rebuild.

We help with:
Renovation projects such as roof/window replacement. Installation of drains and other moisture protection.
Conversions, including merging of apartments in condominium associations, extensions.
Restoration, with a particular focus on advice on the maintenance and refurbishment of older and often listed/preserved buildings.

Among other things, we have helped transform the University Passage's housing into a 25-hour hotel and shops.

EKJ offers various services that constitute our transformation consulting in the following areas:

  • Technical advice to developers incl. user management (consultation/general meetings/warning etc.)
  • Condition assessment, Technical due diligence (TDD), Maintenance plans, Building inspections - 1-year and 5-year
  • Moisture advice: advice and mould remediation and management of moisture/indoor air problems. Moisture protection/cloud protection
  • Remediation for environmentally hazardous substances, screening and mapping incl. resource mapping in relation to. recycling
  • Energy: optimisation and renovation, cost-benefit calculations
  • Material technology: concrete studies and condition assessment including remedial measures.



Hans Juul Jensen

Acting Business Manager, Construction
Group Leader Construction - Construction

Tel: (+45) 29 40 32 83


Here are a few examples of projects where we have transformed existing buildings