Security systems

We offer advice on all types of security systems. Our competencies lie in the design, and range widely. We have skilled specialists who together will find the best solution for you. So you can always feel safe, whether you are out or at home.

We have the skills to solve most tasks in the field of security systems, as we have been in the market for many years. Our work is also a personal interest, which is why we continuously update ourselves in the field, just as we work to secure you against theft, illegal entry and vandalism. Our goal is clear - we want to keep you safe in and around your building.

Our team is composed of several different specialists from the world of electronics. This includes both surveillance and alarm systems. When we enter into a collaboration, it always starts with a meeting of expectations, where together we identify the needs and wishes you have for the task. We then take responsibility for the task and find the best solution for you through interdisciplinarity. We always use the latest technology as far as the task and the circumstances allow, and we comply with the applicable laws and regulations.

Security systems

We design all types of security systems based on our extensive industry knowledge, including:

  • Anti-theft alarm system (AIA)
  • Mechanical perimeter and intrusion protection
  • Access control (ADK)
  • Video surveillance (ITV)
  • Assault alarm system

Our interdisciplinary cooperation succeeds because we work as a single organisation. We have subject specialists sitting on a wide range of engineering disciplines, and you can access our professional knowledge throughout the country, so geography is not a problem. Wherever your project needs to be solved, we'll send the best qualified team.



Jakob Kall

Project Manager, Project and Management
Tel: (+45) 40 38 64 90


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