We take renovation to new levels when we transform the older building stock.

Of course, this also includes restoration and conversion work. In addition to the general advisory role, we also take responsibility for the environment and energy. We think about the green transition and focus on energy optimisation, so that we take the best possible care of our common resources.

On renovation projects, we work inside and outside with construction management, advice and guidance. All this is done in cooperation with the client. Here we assess material choices and overlooked possibilities down to the smallest detail, and ensure that everything turns out as desired.

Know the lifetime of the building

We also provide building inspections as part of our advice. The aim of this is to provide the client with an overview, so that they know the framework for everything from the condition of the building to its lifespan and renovation needs. In this way, the client can make decisions on the best informed basis.

We are passionate about sustainability and the environment, which is why we always challenge our partners to think along the same lines. Although we have many years of experience in the industry, we want to maintain our professional level through development. We sit on the professional knowledge needed for energy optimisation - so, how green do you want to be?

As for our skills, we let experience do the talking. They tell us that they have what it takes to meet our customers' needs and wishes in construction and civil engineering.

Read more about our approach under 'transformation'.

Photo: renovation and refurbishment of Købmagergades Post Office

Renovation; Postgården

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