Project Management

Project management is essential for all construction projects, which is why we offer an experience-based foundation. We provide an overview of the process and let our experience speak for itself.

In our project management, we embrace the helicopter perspective as we see overview as one of the most important elements for a healthy and good process. A healthy process also requires stability and development. To create the right environment, we kick-start your business and ask the right questions to boost the development process.

Highest quality, full focus and solid solutions are just some of the values we work by. In addition, we strive to make your business profitable, as well as for good employee and customer satisfaction - both for ourselves, but also for you. In other words, it's important for us to always make clear what we're working for and where we want it to end up. This creates value for us, our customer and all our partners.

Working towards the goal we do very concretely. That's why all our project managers work on the following parameters. They advise to the best of their ability and experience, based on our value-driven project management:

  • The project must be of high quality
  • The project must meet its financial objectives
  • The project must be managed
  • The customer must be satisfied
  • Employees must be satisfied
  • The projects must create learning
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If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Our ultimate value is you - our customer. And that's regardless of the task or project. We work to meet wishes, needs and requirements, and always plan our work accordingly. This means we learn from every process through evaluations etc.

We put the customer first and take pride when we see the change or result we are working for. Our happy and satisfied customers are proof that we are on the right track, and we therefore set high standards for our professionalism, as we must be able to solve the task - regardless of changes, challenges and conflicts.

We strive for 'Best Practice' in all our projects, and most often achieve it using this phased project management model:

  • Clear division of responsibilities
  • Effective coordination between disciplines
  • Documented risk management of the project



Susanne Skjellerup Thomsen

Business Development Manager, Business Development
Tel: (+45) 28 98 89 18


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