Environmental Management

We help our customers to build up the ISO14001 environmental management system in projects where this is a requirement from the client or internally in the organisation. We also ensure that the system complies with the standard as well as project and customer-related requirements. We identify the overall environmental impact of the project and carry out, among other things, a so-called environmental mapping, in which we determine the relevant areas for action.

We help clients with the following environmental management services:

  • Identification of key environmental impacts, stakeholder analysis and definition of environmental objectives and policy
  • Building the management system including developing the specific procedures in relation to the project's environmental impacts and requirements.
  • Training of employees in the environmental management system
  • Inspection and audit
  • Environmental reporting and management review and improvement

Our own environmental accounts
EKJ is certified according to ISO14001, which means that we use the management system internally in our own organisation. We have set environmental targets that help improve the company's environmental impact. For example, sorting the canteen's organic waste and delivering it to biogas plants, where it is turned into sustainable energy. Reducing the amount of combustible waste and using bicycles for transport to meetings and inspections in the Copenhagen area. This is documented, among other things, in our green accounts.



Christina Lindskov

Business Manager, Environment and Climate
Head of Department, Environment Department

Tel: (+45) 51 26 17 83
Mail: cli@ekj.dk


Here you can request EKJ's latest environmental accounts


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