Environmental and resource advice

At EKJ we offer solutions and advice in building surveys. We carry out everything from preliminary studies to the preparation of tender documents, supervise construction and assist with client advice. There are many phases in renovation and demolition projects. At EKJ, we have experience in all of them, with a strong focus on sustainability.

Contaminated building materials

Many different substances have been used in building materials over the years and, as knowledge about the impact of environmental pollutants on humans and the environment has developed, they now need to be properly segregated and managed. Therefore, screening and subsequent identification of building materials must be carried out for all renovation and demolition projects.

We test building materials for the typical substances that include:

  • Asbestos
  • PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
  • Heavy metals (Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium, Nickel, Copper, Mercury and Zinc)
  • Chlorinated paraffins
  • PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
  • Hydrocarbons (oils)

We also carry out indoor climate studies, testing for:

  • Radon
  • Mould
  • PCB
Environmental remediation of buildings

From initial environmental screening to recycling of construction materials

At EKJ, we identify and map contaminated materials in construction projects so we can advise builders and contractors on eliminating materials that have harmful effects on human health and the environment. This provides the opportunity to advise on materials and building components that can be upcycled and reused in circular construction. It makes more than good sense to have high ambitions to recycle as many materials in a building as possible. Read our article on the upcycling of Jagtvej 169 for ATP Ejendomme here.

At EKJ's Building Surveys team we offer:

  • Preliminary environmental screenings
  • Environmental mapping
  • Resource mapping
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Supervision and control

Teamwork ensures quality

It requires experience and knowledge of construction to screen the existing building stock for environmental contaminants. At EKJ, we combine the skills of our employees through interdisciplinary collaboration, as we believe this yields the best results. EKJ's building investigation team therefore consists of environmental engineers, building engineers, structural engineers and technical designers. The team has experience in building physics, environmental chemistry, historical accounts and contamination mapping. Several members of the team also have a crafts background, which brings practical experience to the project, for example in supervisory work. In the team we do not compromise on quality and we always deliver advice at a high professional level.



Jens Strandby Jakobsen

Structural engineer, Environmental advisor
Construction Department

Tel: (+45) 25 20 88 90
Mail: jsj@ekj.dk


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