Quality and risk management

Quality and risk management is a key part of EKJ projects, as it is essential for a well-run construction project. We consider it as two inseparable management disciplines that influence each other. That is why we approach and plan our projects with just that in mind, from project initiation to delivery. At EKJ, it is an integral part of all our projects. It is about ensuring that everyone involved in a project is aware of their shared responsibility for ensuring quality and managing the risks that arise during the course of a project. This requires thorough planning and hands-on management of the project's phases.

Our quality management system is structured as ISO9001:2015, and on each project a project-specific quality plan is drawn up according to the same structure in consultation with the client, thus ensuring structural recognisability down through the system. We do this to ensure that everyone involved in the project is working towards the same goal.

The quality of all projects in which we participate is agreed in advance. We do this to create a common understanding and guidelines to which all parties commit. Quality management ensures that we stay focused on what has been agreed. Initial planning is essential to ensure effective collaboration and quality throughout the process.

Standards support quality

To increase the efficiency of our work, we base all essential stages of the design process on standards. In this way, we ensure the project manager a robust and tested platform. Project experience is evaluated to continuously improve work processes, standards and management tools.

Every project is different, and so our approach to them needs to be tailored to each project. Our management tools enable our project managers to do this quickly and efficiently. At EKJ, we use the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle to continue to ensure stable planning and management of projects, as well as risk prevention and continuous improvement. We have articulated our standards in EKJ's Quality Manual, which we of course share with our clients.

It's about navigating through risk

Risks are undesirable events that need to be managed proactively according to a strategy so that they can be avoided or alternatively reduced to tolerable levels. It is about identifying and being at the forefront of project risks and, through planning and management, bringing the situation under control.

We take this very practical approach because we want to make the goal of our work clear. First we assess, then we manage. Our experience tells us that this approach works, and our team has extensive industry knowledge and is ready to help.

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Regulatory approvals and coordination; Client advice

EKJ's quality management system permeates all management areas such as:

  • Time management
  • Financial management
  • Interface management
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Meeting structure

EKJ's quality management system is integrated with environmental management and occupational health and safety management to enhance and streamline overall performance.



Caspar Dich Dyssel

Project Manager, Project Management
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