EKJ offers advice in connection with building constructions. This area is one of our core fields and we offer the best advice through interdisciplinary cooperation across EKJ. Our services are offered for large and small, special and complex projects, and therefore each solution is tailored to the task. This ensures that we incorporate the wishes and needs of the client.

Our advice is based on design, construction management and supervision, and is available for both new construction and renovation. Our particular interest in the field lies in load-bearing structures and their functioning, which is why we are often called upon for specialist assignments and third-party inspections.

As in many of our other engineering disciplines, we take a multidisciplinary approach. We do this simply to be able to offer better advice, as more problems are highlighted and solved interdisciplinarily. In addition, we have a holistic approach to our projects - they have to make a difference. We therefore also strive to create functional and architecturally beautiful buildings, because it is the whole that we see. With our projects, we want to create synergy and respect for a shared professionalism.

Structures; consultancy; new construction; renovation

EKJ consists of many different competences, which make up our advice for building constructions in the following areas:

  • Housing
  • Commercial buildings
  • Educational building
  • Cultural and sports buildings
  • Spectacular hotel buildings
  • Conversion of historic buildings.

Photo: renovation of Købmagergades Post Office

Our services include.

  • Statics
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Building physics
  • Material properties
  • Demolition



Lars Bundgaard

Group Leader, Construction Department
Tel: (+45) 23 37 67 17


Peter Droob

Group Leader, Construction Department
Tel: (+45) 24 62 76 40


Examples of projects where we have carried out constructions