Groundwater studies

EKJ offers advice in the field of groundwater investigations with a solid experience. Recently, we were also involved in a historic environmental project, the Cityringen in Copenhagen.

Did you know that the annual consumption of groundwater in Denmark is about 700 million m3. One third is used for households, one third for agriculture and horticulture and the last third for industry and institutions.

EKJ has extensive experience in water sampling, modelling and simulation of pollution dispersion using modelling tools. We combine our experience in geology, hydrogeology and chemistry by interpreting all data to set up the most reliable and straightforward model.

EKJ can help municipalities and utilities to prepare response plans, impact assessments and calculate the borehole protection areas (BNBO).

Groundwater studies

Groundwater investigation and management in construction projects

Groundwater lowering during construction can be performed by several methods. The method must be adapted to the different types of excavations, the need for groundwater lowering and soil conditions. The choice of the most suitable method with the correct design has a major impact on the cost and success of the project.

EKJ has broad experience in the field of:

  • Design, execution and interpretation of sample pumping
  • Water sampling
  • Baseline studies
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Design, construction and inspection of temporary and permanent groundwater monitoring systems
  • Groundwater management
  • Monitoring and data processing

EKJ has extensive experience in groundwater management, ranging from small and medium-sized projects to large-scale projects.



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