Energy optimisation

At EKJ, we have extensive experience in providing energy optimisation. We are committed to the green agenda and incorporate sustainability wherever possible in all our projects. We utilise and recycle all resources in the consultancy and design of both renovations and new builds.

On new-build projects, energy optimisation is an essential and unavoidable part. These are great projects where we think green from the very beginning of the process. It's often about making all the ends meet, and we achieve this through close dialogue with the other consultants on the project. Here, everything from facades to installations is brought into play and turned on its head from all sides.

Our other branch of energy optimisation is our many renovation projects. For these projects, it is important to also take the original construction into account when creating the new optimised results. Some of the key areas here are the building façade and the technical installations, as these are most often seen as essential elements for our consultancy work.

Energy optimisation

Our heart beats for sustainability, and it shines through here too. Our energy optimisation is based on this, and we always try to recycle building materials as best we can. By recycling, we reduce many of the processes involved in the production of new materials and the disposal of old ones. Whenever possible, we strongly advocate reuse, sustainability and recycling, and apply it in our associated projects.

At EKJ, our core competencies lie in:

  • The technical installations are designed with a focus on achieving energy optimisation and a good indoor climate.
  • Total economic assessments of energy costs for technical solutions, facade renovation or older installations.


Morten Zimmermann

Innovation Manager, Plumbing Department
Tel: (+45) 20 27 83 94


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