Building Automation

The road to smart and energy-efficient buildings

At EKJ, we have extensive experience in developing building automation that optimises the energy consumption of buildings and creates a better indoor climate.

With building automation, everything from lighting, heating and air conditioning to humidity and CO2 levels can be controlled centrally. This means, for example, that the building can be set to open windows when the air becomes oxygen-depleted. To automatically turn down the heat before the canteen fills with people at 12 noon. Or to cool itself down at night, when power is cheapest, when a hot summer day is on the way.

In short, building automation is about coding the building to make the right choices depending on whether the sun is shining, electricity is cheap or indoor CO2 levels are rising.

EKJ advises on the smart choices

At EKJ, we work both to advise the client on the needs that the building must be programmed to handle and to develop the systems that ensure that all the building's systems can talk to each other and act intelligently. We also have extensive experience in documenting that the building's systems actually work as intended, and that heating, ventilation, water and electricity work together.

The Energy Framework of the Building Regulations sets requirements for how much energy a building can use, and building automation is a good way to ensure that these requirements are met. Constant data measurements guarantee that the building's limits are respected and that it is quickly detected if a fan is off or the last person has forgotten to turn off the lights.

Helps save resources

Building automation is an area that will only receive more attention in the future, as it ensures efficient use of the resources that it is so essential that we save.

It also means, for example, that in the future we will see buildings that can manage their own electricity according to when it is cheapest.

We have experience of designing and advising on building automation in all types of buildings - including laboratories where there are particularly high demands for the building to respond correctly when, for example, working with toxic gases or flammable materials.


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