Building consultancy

At EKJ, we offer client advice based on competencies from across the entire EKJ organisation. We advise on both large and small projects, and we also welcome complex assignments. We take a multidisciplinary approach, accept the challenge and face reality. 

Builder's advice takes you through every stage of the process, and gives you complete peace of mind as a builder. During all phases, we provide solid guidance on the difficult choices. We take on coordination responsibilities across the project, and our approach to this is one of open and close dialogue.

Our many years in the industry speak for themselves. We have learned that trust is an important factor for good cooperation. We achieve trust by ensuring a high level of professionalism for our services, so we can take care of all wishes and needs. In our role, we are involved from the initial stages, ensuring the establishment and maintenance of a framework and guidelines. This is followed by coordination and oversight to give all parties involved the peace to carry out their work. At the same time, this security strengthens the good and solid cooperation in the projects.

Here's what we offer

Our advice is characterised by our subject specialists and the competences they use to provide advice. In addition, our interdisciplinary work process ensures an overview of potential challenges in the project.

You can expect from our building consultancy:

  • Advice on project development
  • Preparation of conceptual design and construction programme
  • Identifying the needs of users and tenants
  • Choice of procurement and cooperation mode, including EU tenders
  • Financial, time and risk management
  • Project review and quality assurance
  • Interface coordination
  • Tendering, negotiation and contracting with choice of consultants and contractors
  • Government processing
  • Tenant advice
  • Management of delivery and commissioning
  • due diligence
  • Commissioning
construction management, project management, design management



Finn Francke Thygesen

Group Leader, Project Management
Building consultancy

Tel: (+45) 30 69 58 22


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