Land development

At EKJ we offer advice in the field of land development. The field contains many different aspects and it is crucial to take each project as a starting point. We know the conditions for preparing a building site, if that is what you want for the site in the future. Prepare to welcome the infrastructure and the cadastral number.

Many may not realise how many processes actually precede the actual construction. With site development comes many different and necessary processes, establishing the future conditions so that the next step can be the actual construction. In other words, it is an, on the surface, invisible process.

As with our other advice, development is based on the needs and wishes of the client. We always strive to meet these in the best possible way during the process. As mentioned, there are several processes involved here, and their combined purpose is to create a good foundation for further development.

  • Planning of necessary feasibility studies
  • Obtaining regulatory approvals for future development in the area
  • Design of land clearance, land levelling and supply lines

So with land development, you get the land ready for the plans you have for it in the future. Our teams are multidisciplinary, so you get the best and most competent advice. Like much of our other advice, we also think about sustainable solutions here. If you don't have the professional knowledge for development yourself, we'll be happy to take on the project.

Roads and road construction; land development

Our experience is broad, both when it comes to design, planning and execution of these tasks. Therefore, we also possess many competences:

  • Earthworker
  • Demolition of existing buildings
  • Foundations
  • Establishment of construction pits
  • Preparation and construction of roads, bridges and tunnels
  • Utilities
  • Stormwater drainage including LAR solutions
  • Interim roads and site layout



Christina Lindskov

Business Manager, Environment and Climate
Head of Department, Environment

Tel: (+45) 51 26 17 83


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