Fire advice


Fire safety can save lives and is therefore an essential foundation for all construction.

At EKJ, we have many years of experience analysing buildings through fire safety lenses and developing solutions that put safety first, but also leave room for ambitious and innovative buildings.

We can advise you on fire safety from start to finish: when designing the building and when considering a fire strategy. When designing the building and installing the fire engineering installations. And finally, when the building is ready and the fire protection needs to be checked.

Through our subsidiary Tri-Consult, we offer certified fire consultancy in Fire Class 2, and when projects require more, we ally ourselves with specialised external partners.

We also have extensive experience in mapping and optimising fire safety in existing buildings.

How we approach the task

We start by screening your building to assess what fire class the building is, and therefore what requirements it places on fire safety and your building application. This depends on the function of the building and its location in relation to its surroundings, among other things.

Next, we will develop a fire strategy that identifies how best to optimise safety through the use of passive and active fire protection.

Passive fire protection is the foundation of fire safety in a building, and it is considered in everything from the choice of walls, doors, ceilings and installations to room layout and building spacing. The principle is to choose materials and structures that prevent a fire from spreading. For example, a fire-tight door in the right place can prevent the fire from spreading to the next room.

Active fire protection includes all the solutions that come into play in the event of a fire. These include sprinklers and fire ventilation to help dissipate heat and smoke.

Once a plan is in place and installations are implemented, we check that they are working as intended and that they are deployed in the right order.

Of course, we ensure that all legal requirements are met, and we inform the authorities about fire and escape routes so that the emergency services know how to respond.

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Fire Protection Manager CFPA-E, Electrical Department
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