At EKJ we advise on all types of lighting - interior and exterior - and the associated intelligent lighting systems.

Working closely with architects and lighting designers, we've spent many years ensuring just the right lighting in everything from hotels, museums and laboratories to office buildings, nurseries, factories and homes.

We know there's a big difference between creating good working light in an office, mood lighting in a restaurant or reassuring light outside, and we have a lot of experience in meeting different needs with just the right lighting.

Energy-saving and lifelike lighting

We can help with both the lighting itself and the underlying installations that ensure everything works as it should.

We have great insight into working with intelligent lighting to ensure that no more energy is used than is absolutely necessary. This means, for example, that the lights automatically switch off when no one is in the room and that the closer we get to the windows and the more the sun shines, the lower the lights automatically turn.

We always seek to make the most of natural daylight, and we also work with lighting systems that can simulate the cycle of daylight across the sky by allowing the colour tone of the light to graduate throughout the day.

Light creates safety and security

Outdoors, for example, we work with lighting to create safety on paths and squares, such as Karen Blixens Plads in Copenhagen, where the covered bicycle parking is lit up at night. And with special lighting on roads and pedestrian crossings to make it safer to move in traffic.

Here too, we are working with intelligent lighting, where the luminaires communicate with each other and can, for example, light up if the sensors detect movement in the area.

In addition, we also have extensive experience with facade and mood lighting outdoors, which is of course implemented with consideration for the building and not least energy consumption.

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Project Manager, Electrical Department
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