Sustainability advice

Construction accounts for 40% of Denmark's energy consumption and is therefore high on the agenda these years. More sustainability in construction is close to our hearts, and we work every day to make the Danish construction industry greener through our qualified advice.

Sustainability consulting at EKJ is a broad term, as there are many layers and levels to consulting. One of the areas we focus on is DGNB screening and advice in connection with the certification of buildings. In these and other areas, we have specialists with a high level of professional knowledge who keep themselves constantly updated, as the field is developing a lot these years.

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Much to be gained by due diligence

In general, if efforts to create a greener project are to succeed, sustainability aspects must be incorporated early in the project and concrete objectives must be set. Visit some of our sustainability services project cases here

The sustainability of a project may include one or more sub-elements, depending on the ambition of the developer.

  • Environmental and climate impact, including energy consumption, resource consumption, waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials and climate proofing of the project.
  • Economic sustainability, including construction and overall economy and circular economy.
  • Social sustainability, including user considerations and involvement, and accessibility.
  • Technical quality, including the choice of technical solutions.
  • Process quality, including ensuring implementation and retention through all phases of construction.

To ensure the quality of the project, the agreed objectives are evaluated. This is also an opportunity to make ongoing adjustments so that the final result also meets the wishes and objectives set.

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