Work Environment Coordination

We offer advice on occupational health and safety coordination because this area is a crucial part of all construction processes. Projects work if they are built on a solid foundation. We have also found that respect and trust build the strongest projects.

We work on the philosophy that working conditions should never be compromised. Fortunately, this is a general idea in the industry, and legislation also requires it. In fact, it is now a legal requirement to implement health and safety coordination in all building projects. It was set up in 2009, and we are of course fulfilling our role here vis-à-vis the client. Our work in this area is very varied, but something that is crucial in our work is to ensure a high level of safety during both the design and execution phases.

Without doubt, the biggest and most important task in this area is to ensure all health and safety aspects in all processes. Failure to do so can have serious consequences. However, we are happy to take full responsibility for establishing a good and safe working environment, and our experience shows that we also have the skills to do so.

Work environment coordination with respect and responsibility
Health and safety coordination includes:

  • Review of the project
  • Identification of risks
  • Preparation of PSS and health and safety records, etc.
  • Organisation of start-up and safety meetings and safety briefings

Shall we create the best team together? 

At EKJ, we have several teams of occupational health and safety coordinators who are honing their skills every day. They apply and develop their skills on projects large and small, because the level of safety is the same - towering. To achieve this, the coordinators' main tool is communication.

This ensures good cooperation and optimum safety - both important factors for a construction project. In addition, we work to make the process safe for those who carry it out, but equally the building must be safe for those who subsequently use it.

Strong communication ensures the safety of all parties in all processes. However, we also have a responsibility to the client to inform them of the regulations that exist in this area.

The following points are required by the developer regarding occupational health and safety coordination:

  • Preliminary studies
  • Identification of risks and prevention principles
  • Updating of the health and safety record with regard to choices made during the design phase
  • Health and safety plan
  • Start-up meetings
  • Coordination of common security measures
  • Coordination of particularly dangerous work and special risks
  • Safety meetings
  • Security rounds
  • Handling of Arbejdstilsynet



Christina Lindskov

Business Manager, Environment and Climate
Head of Department, Environment Department

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Occupational health and safety coordination helps to ensure that the risk of occupational accidents and injuries is minimised or eliminated


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