It is with pride in our voices that we at EKJ present our various projects within the Construction business area. They range from embassies to residential, hotels, industry and commerce, institutions, office and administration, sports and culture, health and education.

We renovate with care and respect for the established, and we transform buildings for new uses. We work with all the classic engineering disciplines, as well as taking on the role of total consultant with construction management and design.

For example, we have helped our clients with DGNB certification of their buildings, such as DTU Skylab, which has been awarded Gold and Diamond, and we are involved in Life Cycle Assessments and urban certification for urban development projects. We are also involved in the SDU-Sund mega-project in Odense, where the 50,000 sqm. is taking more and more shape. Watch the project in this video.

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Holistic advice

With common goals and a holistic interdisciplinary approach, EKJ ensures to create energy-efficient and future-proof solutions. Solutions that meet the customer's needs and relate to the increasing attention to the UN's 17 SDGs, where qualified advice in this area is decisive. Projects are different, so are assessments of projects. Common to all considerations, however, is the process of assessment. We manage the entire process - from idea to finished project, as well as advising and guiding on material selection and options.

In close cooperation with the client and user groups, EKJ listens to and involves the parties involved in all phases of construction. We have the multidisciplinary knowledge to plan and implement a construction project and are committed to delivering the project our clients expect. We challenge essential issues such as quality, time and economy.


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Zickan Maria Kristensen